How does e-commerce, m-commerce, and social media be used in global strategies, including

global branding, products, pricing, and promotion?

The internet comprises of a variety of aspects that are increasingly gaining recognition

as beneficial methods for the success of a company. The internet has facilitated global

product development since companies, and product developers can use tools offered by the

internet to work on a product idea that suits customers across the globe. The significant

benefit of the internet is the connection that facilitates the spread of information between

companies and companies or companies and consumers and vice versa. In this way,

companies can brand their products according to the needs of the consumer; additionally,

they can learn consumer behavior and find out the channels to reach them through effectively

(Shankar and Meyer, 2009).

E-commerce, M-commerce, and social media are among the tools of the internet that

companies use in global strategies. E-commerce describes online channels to buy and sell

goods. The m-commerce facilitates online transactions via mobile phones. Nowadays, a

mobile phone can connect to the internet and access social media platforms and other

information-sharing mediums such as e-mails. This has made it easier for companies to share

promotional messages that are intended to pass brand information to the intended market. The

bottom line of global strategies in marketing involves communicating the benefits of the

brand to make a sale. This has been made possible by the use of user-generated

communication. Firms are now using the information posted on internet sites and social

media platforms to manage the relationships with the customers. In this way, the firms can

adjust their products or services accordingly to fit consumers needs.

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